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Naam Osvaldo
Datum 17-04-2018 03:44:24

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Naam EddieFex
Datum 13-04-2018 16:23:53

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Naam eqvwup
Datum 02-04-2018 16:11:10

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Naam JoshuaClamb
Datum 02-04-2018 07:00:07

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Naam Mashatut
Datum 08-12-2017 10:06:51

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Naam Janine
Datum 14-07-2017 20:48:28

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Naam Bart-Jan
Datum 22-01-2011 03:24:01

Hoi Bjorn en Renate,
Bedankt voor de link naar jullie website. Heel gaaf!! Ik heb hem nog niet helemaal gelezen, maar ik wordt nu al enthousiast om deze fietstocht in 2012/2013(?) te doen. Of misschien toch even wachten tot de kinderen mee kunnen?

Naam Darcie Peck
Datum 18-03-2008 06:23:52

I'm Darcie Peck from Pinedale. You were mistaken for me when you cycled though town and stopped at the Corral Saloon for a beer. I love your website and all of your adventures!
Come back to pinedale sometime and I'll show you more than the bitumen!
Check out my site Homepage
Peace Love and Luck

Naam ben wylson
Datum 08-10-2006 11:58:16

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Naam Pat Rodden
Datum 07-06-2005 00:51:44

Just ran across your web site and I was completely captivated. I have ridden a significant amount in the past including Paris Brest Paris but your trip makes me want to jump on the bike and head over to Montana for the start. If you make it out to Washington State please look us up!

All the best,


Naam Anja
Datum 19-10-2004 08:32:33

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Naam klingelton
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Datum 03-10-2004 09:07:59

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